My 2017

A 2017 of feminism, coffee and beer. Learning about the art of coffee, tasting crafted beers. But the most importantly, becoming feminist.


My girlfriend joined a feminist movement during early 2017. Thanks to her, I've been in a continuous learning process about the past and present situation for woman. I will continue learning and hope to be more active in this matter during 2018.

I keep reading "be nice" as simple-yet-strong statement that people or companies in Twitter use. I know realize that "being nice" is not enough, we have to be consistent in a look for balance in our society, that includes being feminist.



I drink coffee all my life but as a present @nachoaIvarez birthday, we went to a coffee workshop where we really got into state-of-art coffee.

(Also, please see this photo of a mochachino taken in The Lab, our to-go coffeeshop close to where we live.)



Gotta love crafted beer. A friend (@diegomura) introduced me to Untappd this year, making me always wanting to try different beers.


JavaScript & all that jazz

Good year, definitely.

  • co-organized the JSDayUY with @nachoaIvarez and @iamcherta.
  • open-sourced lookenv, and for the first time, I'm using an OSS project of mine in production.
  • learnt a bunch about FP and Ramda.
  • switched jobs.

✨ Whish you all the very best in 2018!

As now usual, credits of the cover pictures goes to Celeste Korol.