Hang the DJ

My opinion on Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 4 "Hang the DJ". Contains spoliers.

Those who know me personally, knows that I used to spent a good amount of time watching series. These days not quite as much as in the past, but definitely find the time for the right show.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror, a series I follow since the beginning, their dystopian view of technology sets an example for future creators while scaring all of us.

("Black Mirror" is also the name of an Arcade Fire song.)

This particular episode, "Hang the DJ" was spectacular, and after looking for material, I couldn't find my theory of what the episode actually represents.

Panic on the streets of London

A Smith's anthem with a chorus that sticks to your head like industrial glue.

"Because the music that they constantly play, say nothing to me about my life (...) Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ"

In an episode where the simulation theory meets Tinder. It's important to understand that this episode is not about a new level of dating apps.


We constantly run simulations, to serve different propuses. It's very interesting how we run them to predict results, or when we use them to figure out how something happen.