Hola - New Theme

Hola - so sassy.

This past weekend I made this new theme for the blog. The theme is based on the Ghost default theme "Casper". I called it "Hola" and yes I was inspired like that.

I wanted to do something... strong? no, unique? sure. But no, I wanted to do something punk or alike. And because I had no idea where to start, I asked my friend (a real designer) Guillermo and he immediately understood the idea.


Pinterest search

Pinterest search for the fucking win. I mean, I used Pinterest before to look for other kind of stuff but never like this.

Guillermo sent me this link: Punk Poster Bold

That link made so much sense. Everything looked awesome, I wanted to make a hundred pages from these designers. Problem is, I couldn't picture anything like that applied to a blog.

So I sent Guille a message saying "this looks cool but i can't picture it in a blog"...


He replied with this image...


That applied and with a few changes —for instance, I preferred a light background, although I made a a dark-mode version for special occasions– looked like this:


It was clear that I should follow that pattern for the post. He even came out with a formula for the big letters:

First letter of the post title + first letter of the excerpt + date of the month truncated to one.

Making something like this:



The colors and shadows also came from the Pinterest search. Bright yellow-mustard, dark pink, long shadows.

I mean...


That, right?

Under the hood

I also took the opportunity to update Ghost from version 0.10 to 1.9 and have to say, there are some major improvements in here.

Because the use of ghost-cli, I had to change a lot of things in the system, including upgrading Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04 -- glad they required me to do that anyway.

In a nutshell, pretty happy with the result. Hope you enjoy it.

Of course, the template is in GitHub, although is not very reusable yet.