JSDay Uruguay 2017 - Sponsorships

Supporter $ 0 - (unlimited)

Non-monetary contribution. There are products or services that could help the conferences and/or attendees. We are interested in having those!
Mentions in all JSDayUy official social networks.

Bronze $ 2K - (unlimited)

All rewards from tiers above.
Logo in video.
Place company branding in the venue.

Silver $ 4K - (2 places)

All rewards from tiers above.
1 Stand located in the venue common area.

Gold $ 6K - (1 place)

All rewards from tiers above.
3 minutes elevator pitch.

Workshop Host + $ 1.5 K - (2 places)

Requires being Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor.

Host one of our two workshops on Nov 24th. Show how cool your company is by hosting a workshop. Bring the best talents in town to your place.

  • The workshops will be selected and run by your company and supported by the organizers.
  • The conference will take care of the enrolls. We will give you all the details for you to be ready.
  • Don’t be afraid if this your first time putting together a workshop, or you don’t know exactly what to present! The organizers will be more than happy to help you with everything you need.
  • Food for the attendees should be provided by the host. You can be creative with this as well!

City Tour Sponsorship + $ 1 K - (1 place)

Requires being Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor.

Host a nice city tour for the Montevideo old city.

  • The tour will be run by a experienced multi-lingual guide.
  • The tour will be branded after your company.
  • Attendees will experience the historical part of the city.

Integration Activity Sponsorship + $ 1 K - (unlimited)

Requires being Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor.

Brand one of our Integrational Activities. The conference will run at least one integrational activity to the interested attendees. We want to see options like:

  • Sports day
  • Tea party
  • Movie night
  • Etc., be creative!

✨ All types of sponsorship, will allow you to send swag to our attendees! ✨