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Meet Galeano

When writing this blog, I realise that I wanted to use a markdown editor that inspires me. Something to increase focusing and slash creativity.

Does this app exists?

It's not a surprise that there's an application for that, his name is OmmWriter.

"If you are a scriptwriter, blogger, journalist, copywriter, poet or just someone who enjoys writing, welcome back to concentrating." they say.

This is how it's done:

  • First, full-screen is almost necessary and headphones recommended. I mean, we're talking about an app to make you focus so, no surprises there.
  • Second, change the background, the music track and the keystrokes sounds. Match your current mood. There isn't a lot of options, the reason, have a beautiful selection.
  • Third, have a minimalistic interface and hide it when it's not required. Let the writing be the star.

What's missing?

We're not writing stand-alone phrases, we're building a context. Writing texts, articles, stuff that almost every time needs formatting.
A major key on text formatting of these days is markdown.

Just for that reason I thought that might be a good idea to create a new editor. Capable of read and interpret markdown.

We're building a context.

Galeano, say "hi"

So I built Galeano, a tool for writers that focus on inspiration. Powered with markdown syntax highlighting and convert-to-HTML option.


Galeano is using Electron which I found the most easy-to-use platform encouraging contributions.

Under the hood all pieces are open-source. Making use of: CodeMirror, Marked and Wad between others.



Select between different backgrounds, ambients sounds and keystroke sounds.

All the ambients are under Creative Commons licences. I'll love the hear opinions on the current selection.


Get it

Go now! Go to the GitHub repository, check it out, fork it, whatever you like!