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List of really simple stuff I've done.                                                     

Toggl today

Show entries from today on your terminal.

$ toggl-today --date=2016-01-13

Image Glitcher

An automatic glitcher effect for uncompressed images in extremely simple python code.

$ ./glitcher.py path/to-image.bmp

Markdown open

A markdown viewer for your terminal.

$ md-open path/to-document.md

Update Ghost with PM2

Simple snippet to update your ghost engine blog and restart the server (if you're using PM2), based on the official how to upgrade tutorial.

Exif CLI

Wrapper around node-exif, a node.js library to extract Exif metadata from images created by Daniel Leinich.

$ exif /path/to-image.JPG

Mov to Gif

Small OS X to convert .mov videos to animated .gif.

Timings2 to Toggl

In 2016 I migrated from Timings2 to Toggl. This is a Python script to convert the exported CSV from Timing2 to the correct format for importing into Toggl.

Django cached properties

Decorator to easily cache Django model properties.